2 Keys To Attract Top Performing And High Potential Salespeople

Attracting high potential salespeople

To attract and land high performing / high potential salespeople, make sure the way you handle and reward your sales team is in line with the psychological triggers that drive top salespeople to succeed.

I learned more about these triggers last week during a conversation with Dr. Christopher Croner, principal at SalesDrive.  Dr. Croner has spent his career researching what drives top salespeople.  His company focuses on testing salespeople for companies around the world.

I asked Dr. Croner what companies can do to attract top-tier salespeople.  He shared with me the two primary triggers for individuals driven to succeed and what they look for in a company to work at.

The first trigger is:

Recognize your top performers (Psychological Need)

Driven salespeople seek recognition to fill their need for achievement.  So it is important that your culture helps its salespeople keep score.  Competitive people want to see their name on the leader board.  Top performers want to be recognized.  This is a simple thing to achieve, but many companies overlook the importance of giving recognition.

My experience is in line with what Dr. Croner states about recognition.  My top salespeople are always the ones eager to see the updated sales dashboard.  They have an internal need to see how they are doing versus all the other salespeople.

So make sure you recognize your achievers publicly when they do something great and have a way for all salespeople to see how they are doing against the other salespeople in your organization.

The second trigger is:

Make sure commissions are not capped

Driven salespeople want to have unlimited earning potential. It is another way for them to show how good they are.  The dollars are the equivalent of points on the board.  The one with the most points wins.

Dr. Croner provided this example.  “Think of Michael Jordan, if you were to talk to him before a big game and you had asked him, what’s your goal out there tonight?  He would not have said it was to put a lot of points on the scoreboard.  He would have said it was to be the best in the world.  I’m going to be the best in the NBA, in the world.  Now, if we were to say o.k. great Michael from now on starting tonight, anything you put up beyond 12 points we are not going to put it on the scoreboard.  He would not have felt the same about it.  The points let him show how well he has done.”

Job descriptions in your employment ads can also be used to attract top gun salespeople

One additional thing Dr. Croner uses to attract top performing salespeople is placing sales openings ads with verbiage that speaks to their needs for recognition and keeping score.  Using headlines like “Hiring a top gun salesperson” or “Are you a top gun salesperson” will spark their interest in reading more.  In the body of the ad is where you can speak about recognizing performance and unlimited earning potential.

The advice Dr. Croner provides to attract these top gun salespeople is based on his years of research on what drives top salespeople.  So be sure you put a process in place to address top sales performers needs for recognition and score keeping ability.   I look forward to your feedback on attracting top performers.


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