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About Why Buy From You:

David Domos, is the best-selling author of the book “Pushing To The Front” which he co-wrote with the legendary Brian Tracy and other experts from around the world.

David developed Why Buy From You to help small business owners learn how to win the battle for customers. A majority of small business owners list marketing, sales and cash flow as primary concerns for their business. This has become even more true with today’s economic conditions. WhyBuy FromYou.com is dedicated to helping small business owners develop a strong brand with easy to implement marketing and sales strategies. Following these strategies can help small business owners addresss their concerns on how to get new customers and increase revenue.

David has been a National Sales Manager for a national manufacturer. David continues to focus on simplifying the sales and marketing process. He has created easy-to-follow, real-world-tested programs and templates that provide measurable results focused on improved performance at both the field and management levels.

Prior to his current role, David was a Director of Sales for a billion-dollar Division of a Fortune 500 company. This manufacturer had the largest volume and highest brand recognition in the industry. In this role he was responsible for the sales operations of its independent dealer base. During his 15 plus years with that company, he received several promotions with increasing responsibility in its sales division, and was a significant contributor to its growth.

David is a member of the Sales Management Association. Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and graduated with distinction from the fortune 500 companies Leadership Program – an award winning co-operative between the company and a Big 10 University, which certifies graduates in Operations Management. Only 30 managers were selected to attend the program out of its 40,000 employees that year. David’s leadership ability was key to his being named as one of the programs distinguished alumni.

David is known for his skills in sales, marketing, branding & social media. Follow him on Twitter @WhyBuyFromYou.

Practical Branding Do It Yourself Tools and Techniques For Building A Powerful Brand Image By David Domos
David Domos Best Selling Author



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