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3 Key Traits Of Top Performing Salespeople – Video

The attached video is an excerpt from an interview with the author of “Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again”, Dr. Christopher Croner.  Dr. Cronner shares the traits of success hunter salespeople.  The key traits are something you can identify during

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Interview Questions To Find Top Performing Salespeople – Video

In this 5 minute video, you will learn how to uncover past behavior by using the magic wand question when reviewing a resume with a candidate. It is said that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.  If

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2 Keys To Attract Top Performing And High Potential Salespeople

To attract and land high performing / high potential salespeople, make sure the way you handle and reward your sales team is in line with the psychological triggers that drive top salespeople to succeed. I learned more about these triggers

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Why Sales Professionals Should Start Their Day Early

It’s true, starting early helps supercharge sales productivity.  You could say the early sales person catches the sale.  You will see that there are several important reasons why many top sales professionals start their day early.  Here is a list

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Why 89% Of Salespeople Should Add Referrals To Their New Year’s Resolution

What one thing do a vast majority of customers have to offer that is all but ignored by most sales professionals?  The answer is referrals.  As hard as it is to believe, most salespeople do not ask their customers for

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Small Time The Movie Shows The Power of Sales Psychology

The 2014 independent movie “Small Time” is not your common sales story.  The film is really a coming of age movie that takes place on a used car lot.   The plot revolves around a summer a father spends teaching his

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What Drives The Best Sales People? Traits or Sales Skills?

Many business owners and sales managers scratch their heads, wondering why a salesperson, who interviewed great, does not perform well over time. So, upon reflecting on this question, I began to research both the traits and the sales skills of

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Sales Lessons From The Hunger Games

    While watching the recent box office hit “The Hunger Games” several messages struck me as being applicable to my career in sales.  The movie dramatically shows the importance of skills needed to be successful in sales.  In today’s

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