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What Michael Jordan Can Teach You About Sales Success (Persistence)

  Nike’s 1997 Michael Jordan “9,000 shots” commercial is still my all-time favorite.   It is a great example of what it takes to succeed in sales and life in general.  I still find myself drawn too it when on Youtube. 

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Craft The Ideal Elevator Speech (Pitch)

  Many companies overlook developing a clear and concise message about their company for their salespeople and employees who interact with customers.  This oversight cost these companies more than just sales; it can have a negative impact on your brand

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What Your Personal Buying Experiences Can Teach You About Sales

  Have you ever been really upset at a salesperson?  Or written a thank you letter to a salesperson?  I am confident you can remember a negative personal purchase experience and also a positive personal purchase experience.  These experiences can

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To Have A Pleasing Sales Personality You Should Always Be Practicing

  Success in sales can be helped or hindered by your personality.  A pleasing personality is said to be under our own control, so if someone does not have a pleasant personality it is completely their own choice.  Napoleon Hill

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What Drives The Best Sales People? Traits or Sales Skills?

Many business owners and sales managers scratch their heads, wondering why a salesperson, who interviewed great, does not perform well over time. So, upon reflecting on this question, I began to research both the traits and the sales skills of

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Sales Lessons From The Hunger Games

    While watching the recent box office hit “The Hunger Games” several messages struck me as being applicable to my career in sales.  The movie dramatically shows the importance of skills needed to be successful in sales.  In today’s

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