Do It Yourself SEO in Seven Easy Steps – Video

There are many things small business owners can do in-house to improve their website search engine optimization. This video shares seven of the most impactful Do It Yourself SEO steps that increase website traffic.



Look for future video’s and blog posts with step by step instructions on how to perform each of these steps.

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4 comments on “Do It Yourself SEO in Seven Easy Steps – Video
  1. These are some great tips for a getting started with your website. Let me make a couple of other suggestions.

    Tip 1 – Stay away from cheap cookie cutter website building sites like intuit and one-on-one. They have you pay a monthly fee for building a website but the you are stuck with their tools and can’t move your website to another host.

    Tip 2 – Integrate social media with your website early on. This will help you with ranking.

    Tip 3 – Links should come from high quality google ranked websites so the influence of the link is weighted and boost your ranking.

    Tip 4 – Don’t buy facebook likes and twitter followers this will harm your ranking and won’t help your business. Recent court cases include several fortune 500 companies being sued by attorney generals for fraudulently using these tactics.

    • DDomos says:


      Thank you for these great additional tips.

      In regards to tip 1, I feel that WordPress is the best option for anyone building a small business website. It is free on most hosting websites and the search engine spiders can navigate WordPress far better than the cheap cookie cutter programs. Additionally, sticking with the do it yourself theme of the post, there are some great WordPress video’s on YouTube that will walk you through building a very professional website.

  2. I created the above website for our custom cabinet shop here in North Carolina. I am new to doing this and wanted to ask you about your tips. Talking about alt tags I have a lot of pictures on my site and I did nothing but upload them to the site. I looked at the url line and it shows this:
    How do I add a alt tag to this? I would really appreciate it if you could help me.

    • DDomos says:

      Hi Pamela,

      Without knowing what software package you created the website in, it is hard for me tell you how to change the alt tags on the photographs already on your site. Every software package does it slightly differently. You will need to look around in the image loading / management area and look for tags when you select a specific image. For any new pictures you want to add, here is a link to a quick video of a picture I downloaded from your site and how I added an alt tag to it. You can do this with each photo and then load them on your website.

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