Practical Branding

Practical Branding Do It Yourself Tools and Techniques For Building A Powerful Brand Image By David Domos

Practical Branding Reveals….

How To Make Your Company The Brand Of Choice For Prospective Customers, By Building A Powerful Brand Image and Compelling Story!

Today is the day you decide whether you take your business to the next level.

Are you going to continue to wait for customers to walk through your doors?  Or are you going to take control of your brand image and build a company that leaves prospective customers no choice but to think, you are the only company to buy the product or service from!

Dominate Your Competition With These Easy To Implement Strategies!

When you implement the strategies in this program, you will no longer be, a me too company!

Many companies send their sales people out into the market with a message of me too, rather than why me.  This program teaches you how to dominate your competition by positioning your company with what makes it unique.  Put yourself in the customers position, if you see 10 salespeople and they all say their products do the same thing and fill the need in the same way, it then comes down to cost.  Don’t fall into that trap.

Stop Using The Trial By Error Method Of Building Business And Finally Get Noticed In Your Market!

Get the results you want now!

These tried and true lessons are best practices used by successful business owners all over the world.  This straightforward program will have you on the right track quickly.  Many companies spend years trying to figure out these best practices, skip the learning curve and start enjoying the success you want.

Increase Your Closing Ratio By Building A Company Presentation So Powerful That Customers Will Only Want To Do Business With You!

A well-developed company presentation increases closing ratio’s and has your sales team all communicating a common message!

Learn the secrets of building credibility and closing more sales.  What are the components of credibility in the mind of your customers?  How do you build social proof?  Why is social proof so important?  How to package it in a way that your presentation becomes a silent salesperson that answers common industry needs and objections before they ever come up.

Customers Will Pay Higher Prices For Products Or Services That Offer Value And Piece Of Mind!

Get your prospects looking at value rather than price!

This book teaches you how to position your products and services for maximum impact.  How to use your website, company presentation and collateral materials to present your company, product and services as a value?  Position your offerings in a way that will allow you to compete on value and service rather than bottom line price and instill confidence that your brand is the right choice.  More importantly, you can charge more money and be more profitable.

In Short, Are You Ready To Become A Force In Your Market?

Building a powerful brand image can be more powerful than your best salesperson.  If you are looking to increase sales and drive more traffic to your business, you must develop your brand image.

  • Learn the difference between brand and brand image
  • The 4 key components needed to build a dominate brand image
  • The best ways to connect with customers
  • How to develop the most impactful brand message

Practical Branding” will equip you with everything necessary to start creating a brand message that will leave your prospects knowing you’re the best company for the job.

  • Why developing your pitch book / company presentation is the easiest and most effective way to build credibility
  • How to develop and use social proof as a silent sales person
  • Develop a presentation that overcomes objections and pinpoints needs before they come up
  • Understand consumer purchase triggers
  • Have you sales force and all customer facing staff delivering a consistent message
  • The different forms your pitch book or company presentations can take

Practical Branding” is jammed packed with information about building your brand and brand image online.  Living in today’s social world requires a different approach to marketing and branding.

  • How to turn your website into a lead generation machine
  • Have your website found and visited more frequently by prospects
  • Key components to building credibility online
  • How to use social media to grow your business
  • The best ways to get your company viewed as the local experts
  • Money saving tips and tools to optimize your business online

Practical Branding” shows you how to tie your branding message together with collateral materials.

  • How to reinforce your message
  • How to develop your “Why Buy From You tm” sales sheets
  • The importance of developing brand standards
  • Why tying your marketing materials together will separate you from your competition

Are You Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Practical Branding is the newest book by David Domos

Practical Branding Do It Yourself Tools and Techniques For Building A Powerful Brand Image By David Domos
David Domos Best Selling Author



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