The Small Business Branding Toolkit

The Small Business Branding Toolkit Reveals….


How To Make Your Company The Brand Of Choice For

Prospective Customers, By Building A

Powerful Brand Image and Compelling Story!

Today is the day you decide to whether you take your business to the next level.

Are you going to continue to wait for customers to walk through your doors?

Or are you going to take control of your brand image and build a company that leaves prospective customers no choice but to think, you are the only company to buy the product or service from!


Dominate Your Competition With These

Easy To Implement Strategies!

When you implement the strategies in this program, you will no longer be, a me too company! 

Many companies send their sales people out into the market with a message of me too, rather than why me.  This program teaches you how to dominate your competition by positioning your company with what makes it unique.  Put yourself in the customers position, if you see 10 salespeople and they all say their products do the same thing and fill the need in the same way, it then comes down to cost.  Don’t fall into this trap.


Stop Using The Trail By Error Method Of Building Business

And Finally Get Noticed In Your Market!


Get the results you want now!

These tried and true lessons are best practices used by successful small business owners all over the world.  This straight forward program will have you on the right track quickly.  Many companies spend years trying to figure out these best practices, skip the learning curve and start enjoying the success you want.


Increase Your Closing Ratio By Building

A Company Presentation So Powerful

That Customers Will Only Want To Do Business With You!

A well-developed company presentation increases closing ratio’s and has your sales team all communicating a common message!

Learn the secrets of building credibility and closing more sales.  What are the components of credibility in the mind of your customers?  How do you build social proof?  Why is social proof so important?  How to package it in a way that your presentation becomes a silent salesperson that answers common industry needs and objections before they ever come up?


Customers Will Pay Higher Prices For Products Or Services

That Offer Value And Piece Of Mind!

Get your prospects looking at value rather than price!

This program teaches you position your products and services for maximum impact.  How to use your website, company presentation and collateral materials in a way to present your company, product and services as a value?  Position your offerings in a way that will allow you to compete on value and service rather than bottom line price and instill confidence that your brand is the right choice.  Most importantly, you can charge more money and be more profitable.



In Short, Are You Ready To Become A Force In Your Market?


So, How Did David Domos Developed These Skills And System, Read This Brief Bio?


I started my professional career as an hourly employee in the marketing department of a Fortune 500 company.  While I worked there, the division I worked for went from 600 employees to 6,000.   During that time it also overtook other brands and became the number one brand in the industry in both dollar volume and brand recognition.  I was a significant contributor to their growth and finished my career with that company as a Director of Sales.

My journey from hourly employee to Director of Sales for a Fortune 500 company was built off of my curiosity.  I tried to learn everything I could about our customers, company and industry.  I always did more than what was required of me.    That trait led me to ask the company to create a new position in one of the sales channels.  It took some time and some convincing, but eventually they created the role in the sales department.

It did not take long for me to jump right in.  I presented a report at the end of the first week in the new role about some major improvements I felt we could make in regards to how the field communicated with the home office.  The VP of sales was so impressed he expanded the original scope of that job after only one week.

My boss traveled all the time, so in week two, I started asking other departments if I could sit in for the VP of sales since his was primarily on the road.  By the end of my second week in the role I was attending marketing meetings, product development meetings, quality and manufacturing meetings.  I quickly started to become an expert on the company.

When the VP of sales returned almost three weeks later, the rest of his staff thought he was going to be mad at me.  First thing he did when he got back in town was call me into his office.  I was starting to wonder if the others were right and he was upset with me.  He immediately said, “David, I hear you have been attending a lot of meetings for me……….. Great job!  The only thing I don’t know why you’re wasting your time with manufacturing.”  I explained to him, I need to have a good relationship with them, in case we ever need help, he agreed that I should continue those meetings as well.  Before I left his office, he said “I want you to learn about our customers.  Start scheduling ride a long’s with the representatives every other week moving forward.”  Just a few weeks into the new role and my responsibilities were expanded a second time.

I started doing the ride a long’s to meet with our dealers throughout the country, who are locally owned businesses.  And as you might expect; I took the opportunity farther than what was expected.  I learned everything I could about our customers and looked for ways to build better relationships, provide better service and provide competitive advantages in the market.  Eventually I took it to the level of being a strategic consultant to our dealers.  I knew if I helped them grow their business, they would buy more of our product.  This strategy worked over and over again.

Always looking for what each individual dealer challenges were, I would ask questions to find out what drove them, where they wanted to go and what their challenges were.  I started to see some similarities in the concerns of dealers.  I soon learned that many of our customers never had any formal marketing or sales training.  They worked their way up in our industry and eventually opened their own business.

To help our dealers I started giving them specific tips or advice to help them with their specific sales or marketing needs.  When I did not have an answer for a best practice for a specific issue, I would research it on my own time, so that the next time I visited with or spoke with them on the phone, I could give them some ideas on how to address a specific sales or marketing need.  The trait proved very valuable to me, I continually became more and more versed in sales and marketing, which made me better at my job and better at helping our customers grow their businesses. I have worked with nearly 1,000 small business owners in that industry.  This technique led to more responsibility and more opportunities.

Since I became so well versed in our customers and industry, our marketing department would regularly work with me on anything they were producing for our dealer sales channel. Whether it was communications, literature, lead generation, advertising pieces, program development, etc… I was asked my opinion on what was the best way to position our brand. This continued to build my marketing and sales knowledge base. I have built an solid knowledge base on the subject of marketing and sales. This knowledge is real world tested and based on activities that produce results. Curiosity led me from a Marketing Specialist, then to Sales and Marketing Administrator, Northeast and Midwest Regional Sales Manager, Assistant National Sales Manager and finally Director of Sales with that company. I have also been a National Sales Manager for another manufacturer in that industry with responsibilities for sales and marketing.

My thorough understanding of sales and marketing led to an opportunity to co-author a book with the legendary Brian Tracy and co-record an audio program with him that is soon to be released.  That book, “Pushing To The Front” hit the best seller list in 3 categories on which are their direct marketing, communications and entrepreneurship categories.  After this opportunity, I have started blogging which is a source of some great free content to help small business owners with their sales, marketing and branding.

So, why did I develop this program?  I wanted to share my years of research and knowledge gained by putting marketing, branding and sales systems into place for both large and small companies.  With today’s economy, I want to help small business owners win the battle for customers and to become a powerhouse their market.  This program is designed to build a powerful small business brand.


David Domos Received These Distinctions For Co-Authoring Pushing To The Front:



The Small Business Branding Toolkit is an easy to follow small business marketing and branding system that will help you build your brand online and offline. The result is 4 step-by-step actionable modules that take business owners from where they are today to building a powerful brand.  Each module is provided electronically in video, audio and written forms.   Letting you learn in a way that best fits your learning style.










Module 1:  The Importance Of Your Brand.  Over 31 minutes that will focus on the most important part of your brand, which is your brand image.  Building a powerful brand image can be more powerful than your best salesperson.  If you are looking to increase sales and drive more traffic to your business, you must develop your brand image.  	The difference between brand and brand image.  	The 4 key components needed to build a dominate brand image.    	The best ways to connect with customers. 	How to develop the most impactful brand message.

Module 2:  The Small Business Pitch Book / Company Presentation.  This 42 minute module will equip you with everything necessary to start creating a brand message that will leave customers knowing you’re the best company for the job.  	Why developing your pitch book is the easiest and most effective way to build credibility.  	How to develop and use social proof as a silent sales person.   	Develop a presentation that overcomes objections and pinpoints needs before they come up.  	Understand consumer purchase triggers.  	Have your sales force and all customer facing staff delivering a consistent message.  	The different forms your pitch book or company presentation can take.

Module 3:  Building Your Optimized Small Business Website & Online Presence.  Module 3 is 58 minutes of jammed packed information about building your brand and brand image online.  Living in today’s social world requires a different approach to marketing and branding.  	How to turn your website into a lead generation machine.  	Have your website found and visited more frequently by prospects.   	Key components to building credibility online.  	How to use social media to grow your small business. 	The best ways to get your company viewed as the local experts.  	Money saving tips and tools to optimize your business online.      Module 4:  New Branding Collateral .  The final module is 21 minutes that ties the entire program together.  How to reinforce your message.  	How to develop your why buy from you sales sheets.  The importance of developing brand standards. 	Why tying your marketing materials together will separate you from the competition.


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Will The Small Business Branding Toolkit Work For My Company?

The Small Business Branding Toolkit is based on tried and true success formulas followed by companies all over the United States.

Bottom line is that when you take action with these strategies, it changes your business.

And all for a one time investment of only $97 today.


This includes electronic versions of all 4 modules, the videos, the audios, the eBook and action guide.  The Small Business Branding Toolkit system will build your companies brand image.

To the success of your business,

David Domos


P.S. I know you come across many decisions in your business.  Do not let this pass you up. For the incredible low price of $97, you can see firsthand how to build your brand and grow your business.

Everything is on us to deliver and you will not be disappointed. Come and grab the 4 modules, the workbooks and the action steps needed to thrive in business.

You have nothing to lose.


P.P.S. We are only looking for Action Takers!

You must be willing to take action and apply the material presented in both the modules and the workbooks. Simply put, we want to help small business owners who want to be helped. People who are action takers, people who will grab hold of this information, absorb it, and most importantly use it to achieve their every goal, ambition, and dream on a regular, continual basis.

Fact is, no matter how good our content is, it’s of zero value and holds no power unless you make a commitment to apply it, use it, and build your business like only YOU can.

With that said, if you are an Action Taker and you’re ready to start making huge strides towards building a leading brand in your market.




































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