5 comments on “The Wisdom Of Sales Success Can Be Found In The Bible
  1. Ryn Herlambang says:

    I agree that a salesperson should start building relationship by knowing customer’s need.
    Salesperson should dig more to get the “real” need by knowing customer’s background, fear, risk and guide them to get solution by himself; in this stage we called the salesperson as a counselor salesperson. Maybe the product is not so special but the difference is in the way how to approach the customers.
    It takes more time but actually its a long term relationship investment.
    Like you said winning the heart is more important

  2. I enjoyed your post,

    I have found the Bible is the best business book ever written if people know where to look and learn how to apply it’s wisdom.

    In my blog http://www.nosmokeandmirrors.com my entire process of serving customers and not selling customers is Biblical.

    Thanks again


  3. Max Rosenthal says:

    So does this make you a bible thumping bible salesperson?

  4. Tram says:

    It’s so great. I got the meaning of this story in the different way before I read your explanation. Your explanation brings to me new and strange ideas. It’s very useful for me. Thanks alot.

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