To Have A Pleasing Sales Personality You Should Always Be Practicing


Success in sales can be helped or hindered by your personality.  A pleasing personality is said to be under our own control, so if someone does not have a pleasant personality it is completely their own choice.  Napoleon Hill the founder of the modern success movement said a “pleasing personality determines whether people are attracted to you or shy away from you.  It’s the one thing that distinguishes you from all other human beings.  It is your trademark by which people recognize you and it is the thing that determines your success or failure in selling yourself thru life.  Therefore you should see yourself as others see it, so you may improve it were it needs improvement.”   Thinking about this message, why wouldn’t every salesperson focus on developing a pleasing personality?

The topic of always be practicing your sales personality came up during a recent conversation with Ben Gay III, he shared with me his philosophy of how to obtain a pleasing sales personality.  “I conduct myself all day long like I am running for office or I’m talking to people who might be a prospect for my product or services and I just don’t know it yet.”  Ben does not turn his sales personality on or off, he always has it on.  Anywhere he goes he practices his relationship building skills.  He always introduces himself and asks for the name of every person he meets.  He spoke about what it’s like in the town he lives, everybody knows his name and he knows theirs.  It does not matter if it is at the local burger joint or anywhere else in town.  He makes it practice to know every employee and business owner.  Ben said “If only every salesperson conducted themselves in this manner, sales would be easy.”  He is right, if you are in sales mode all the time, it becomes part of who you are and it naturally flows from you.  Your personality then does take on the role of your trademark and how people identify you in a positive way.

To take this thought process a step further, how does having a pleasing personality affect a first impression.  It is said that most people make a judgment about you within 30 seconds of meeting you.  Since you have such a short period of time to make a positive impression, it is imperative that your personality is pleasing at all times.  Remember everything counts in a first impression, everything you say either adds to or takes away from your credibility.

Make a decision to focus on practicing and improving your personality.  You will see a positive effect on your sales numbers if you focus on developing this trait.    And if you don’t think it’s important to your success, please learn from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s powerful caution “Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

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To find out more about Ben Gay III and his company visit  He has written 12 books on the art of selling. He has also ghost written another 12 books. He is best known for his series “The Closers” which is made up of the “The Closers Part 1” and “The Closers Part 2”.


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  1. Coach Corner says:

    Nobody is born a salesperson, any more than an example may be born a doctor or perhaps born a lawyer. Sales is a occupation. To be successful throughout any profession one must learn not only the basic techniques, but also how to utilize those techniques. Success in sales uses all the abilities an example may be born with, plus all those procured through education and expertise.

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