Why Sales Professionals Should Start Their Day Early

The early sales professional catches the sale

It’s true, starting early helps supercharge sales productivity.  You could say the early sales person catches the sale.  You will see that there are several important reasons why many top sales professionals start their day early.  Here is a list of primary reasons they are early risers. 


They get in early to plan their day:

The most productive salespeople are the ones who start every day with a list of priorities to achieve.

  • They start by listing all the things you must achieve that day / The to do list
    • They make sure they check off each must complete item
    • They try never to finish a day without completing the most important tasks


They plan their sales calls:

Top sales professionals don’t just wing it, they plan their calls. 

  • They review their schedule for the day
    • What appointments do they have that day
    • They complete a pre-call plan for each appointment
      • What questions are they going to ask during their needs analysis
      • What are the commitment objectives / next steps
        • Commitment objectives are designed to get the prospect to commit to a next step which are either time based or money based.


They research their prospects:

Top sales professional research the companies they are going to make cold calls too.

    • They research the prospective company online
      • They review their website
      • They search on news about the company
        • Are they expanding or reducing operations
        • Are there any issues or opportunities on horizon
      • They use LinkedIn to find out who they should contact
        • LinkedIn also lets them see if they have connections in common

They do the homework upfront to help craft a message that is focused on the prospects needs rather than theirs.  Approaching prospects in this manner increases their call to appointment ratio.


They Try To Reach Decision Makers Before The Gatekeeper Gets In:

Many of the decision makers they are trying to reach also get in early.  These sales professionals know their call is more likely to go straight through to the decision maker before the gatekeeper gets in. 


They stay on schedule:

Since they start their day before the average sales professional, they are prepared to leave the office with plenty of time to arrive at their first appointment.  They are heading to appointments before their counterparts arrive at the office at the very last minute.  This practice helps the early sales bird start on schedule and stay on schedule throughout the day. 

Getting in early clearly helps sales professionals start their day off in the most productive manner.  Yes, beating the morning traffic, planning their day and calls, researching their prospects, and scheduling appointments does indeed help them start their day with a clear competitive advantage. 

I look forward to your feedback on starting your sales day early.



David Domos developed WhyBuyFromYou.com to provide content to help small businesses develop their branding, marketing and sales systems. In the past he held key leadership positions for a fortune 500 company. That company led the market in both sales and brand awareness and David was a significant contributor to its growth. David has been on the Amazon.com best seller list in their Direct Marketing, Communications and Entrepreneurship categories. He is a student of sales, marketing, branding & small business growth, continually focusing on the reasons people buy. Follow him on Twitter @WhyBuyFromYou or visit www.whybuyfromyou.com.

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